Hugh Anderton of Euxton Hall

M, #24268, b. __/__/1600, d. 08/28/1670
Father*William Anderton d. __/__/1618
Mother*Isabel Hancock d. 05/14/1652
     Hugh Anderton of Euxton Hall was born in 1600 at Euxton, Lancashire, England. He died on August 28, 1670 at Wales.
     He Purchased Euxton Hall 1642.


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Isaac Curtis Bean

M, #24271, b. __/__/1808
     Isaac Curtis Bean was born in 1808 at Me.


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Kenneth Wayne Haddock

M, #24283, b. 12/24/1950, d. 04/03/2003
     Kenneth Wayne Haddock was born on December 24, 1950 at Dallas Co., Tx. He married Betty Sue Wideman on March 30, 1991. Kenneth Wayne Haddock died on April 3, 2003 at Tx at age 52.


Betty Sue Wideman b. 03/08/1958
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Joe Neil Haddock "Joey"

M, #24284, b. 01/14/1956
     Joe Neil Haddock "Joey" was born on January 14, 1956 at Smith Co., Tx. He died at Dallas, Dallas Co., Tx.
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John William Haddock

M, #24285, b. 12/28/1957, d. 02/13/2001
     John William Haddock was born on December 28, 1957 at Dallas Co., Tx. He died on February 13, 2001 at Clarksville, Red River Co., Tx, at age 43.
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Sherry Ann Haddock

F, #24286, b. 07/28/1953, d. 02/20/2002
     Sherry Ann Haddock married an unknown person ; Married and had 2 daughters Ami & Wendy. She was born on July 28, 1953 at Dallas Co., Tx. She died on February 20, 2002 at Clarksville, Red River Co., Tx, at age 48.
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Johnny Palmer

M, #24290
Mother*Rilla Lee Haddock b. 08/09/1878
     Johnny Palmer died at Roby, Fisher Co., Tx.
     He Lived Tx.
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James Van Buren Muncy

M, #24292, b. 04/__/1858
     James Van Buren Muncy was born in April, 1858 at Cannon Co., Tn. He married Sarah Ethel Haddock "Byrd", daughter of Noah Uriah Haddock and Mary Angeline Herrington, in 1909 at Tx.


Sarah Ethel Haddock "Byrd" b. 10/11/1879, d. 03/23/1930
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John C Longley

M, #24293, b. 11/04/1806, d. 11/07/1878
Father*William Campbell Longley b. 11/01/1761, d. 11/07/1841
Mother*Mary Ann Bodine b. 07/01/1766, d. 06/09/1844
     John C Longley was born on November 4, 1806 at Polk Co., Tn. He died on November 7, 1878 at Dalton, Whitfield Co., Ga, at age 72.


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Elaine M Starman

F, #24297, b. 11/22/1920, d. 04/13/2006
     Elaine M Starman was born on November 22, 1920 at Elgin, Kane Co., Il. She died on April 13, 2006 at El Cajon, San Diego Co., Ca, at age 85.
     She Had foster children. Elaine M Starman lived at 1490 South Orange Av, El Cajon, San Diego Co., Ca.
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Thomas Dana Delauro

M, #24302, b. 12/05/1916
     Thomas Dana Delauro was born on December 5, 1916 at Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY. He married Gloria Haddock, daughter of Charles Haddock and Jane Hull.
     Thomas Dana Delauro Changed name legaly to Lawrence. Thomas Dana Delauro lived at Ormond Beach, Volusia Co., Fl.


Gloria Haddock b. 02/25/1919, d. 07/23/2003
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Robert Shaw

M, #24308
      Robert Shaw lived at Madison, New Haven Co., Ct.
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Norman Hicks

M, #24328, b. 05/01/1913, d. 07/24/1990
     Norman Hicks was born on May 1, 1913 at Ia. He married Hazel Haddock, daughter of Columbus Marshall Haddock "Bud" and Julie Bunch "Julia", on March 1, 1933 at Douglas Co., Mo. Norman Hicks died on July 24, 1990 at Howell Co., Mo, at age 77.
      Norman Hicks lived at West Plains, Howell Co., Mo.


Hazel Haddock b. 07/07/1912, d. 07/30/2002
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Retha Wylodean Reed

F, #24329, b. 04/26/1926, d. 09/30/1994
     Retha Wylodean Reed was born on April 26, 1926 at Mo. She married Homer Doyle Haddock, son of Columbus Marshall Haddock "Bud" and Julie Bunch "Julia". Retha Wylodean Reed died on September 30, 1994 at Fresno, Fresno Co., Ca, at age 68.


Homer Doyle Haddock b. 08/25/1918, d. 08/21/1988
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Artimas Norman Lovan "Art"

M, #24332, b. 04/20/1918, d. 05/19/1991
     Artimas Norman Lovan "Art" was born on April 20, 1918 at Ar. He married Grace Haddock, daughter of Columbus Marshall Haddock "Bud" and Julie Bunch "Julia", on December 25, 1940 at Douglas Co., Mo. Artimas Norman Lovan "Art" died on May 19, 1991 at West Plains, Howell Co, Mo, at age 73.


Grace Haddock b. 11/14/1921, d. 08/02/1990
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Harold Webb

M, #24333, d. 07/10/1965
     Harold Webb married Velma Haddock, daughter of Columbus Marshall Haddock "Bud" and Julie Bunch "Julia", in 1945. Harold Webb died on July 10, 1965.


Velma Haddock b. 01/27/1923, d. 10/24/2003
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Cecil Counts

M, #24335, b. 10/17/1914, d. __/__/1987
     Cecil Counts was born on October 17, 1914 at Mo. He married Onieda Haddock, daughter of Columbus Marshall Haddock "Bud" and Julie Bunch "Julia", on March 10, 1945 at West Plains, Howell Co, Mo. Cecil Counts died in 1987 at Mo.


Onieda Haddock b. 04/25/1925, d. 06/06/2003
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Opal Dell White

F, #24339, b. 01/01/1910, d. 03/27/1985
     Opal Dell White married Jesse Lee Haddock, son of William Joseph Haddock and Francis Ozella Watson "Ozie". Opal Dell White was born on January 1, 1910 at Ar. She died on March 27, 1985 at Colton, San Bernardino Co., Ca, at age 75.


Jesse Lee Haddock b. 08/01/1906, d. 12/26/1994
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Donald Earl Heard

M, #24342, b. 09/11/1933, d. __/__/1987
     Donald Earl Heard was born on September 11, 1933 at Borger, Hutchinson Co., Tx. He died in 1987.
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John Wesley Fegles Col.

M, #24361, b. __/__/1808, d. __/__/1874
     John Wesley Fegles Col. was born in 1808 at Pa. He married Electa Hall after 1838. John Wesley Fegles Col. died in 1874 at Yorkshire, Cattaraugus Co., NY.

Family 1

Electa Hall b. c __/__/1816, d. c __/__/1874

Family 2

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Matthew Danial Vandiford Jr

M, #24374, b. __/__/1920, d. __/__/1983
     Matthew Danial Vandiford Jr was born in 1920. He died in 1983.


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Eula Dudley

F, #24376, b. __/__/1905, d. __/__/1977
     Eula Dudley was born in 1905. She married Fred Roach, son of William Albert Roach and Sara Elizabeth Haddock, on December 15, 1923. Eula Dudley died in 1977.


Fred Roach b. 09/25/1902, d. 09/18/1950
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Angeline (?)

F, #24381, b. 07/29/1900, d. 04/__/1974
     Angeline (?) married Monroe Haddock, son of James W Haddock and Miss White. Angeline (?) was born on July 29, 1900. She died in April, 1974 at age 73.


Monroe Haddock b. 06/__/1897, d. c __/__/1980
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Geneva Moore

F, #24383, b. 11/20/1926, d. c __/__/1993
     Geneva Moore was born on November 20, 1926. She married William Jennings Bryant Haddock "Jinx", son of Robert Hunter Haddock and Tiny Clara Robinson. Geneva Moore died circa 1993.


William Jennings Bryant Haddock "Jinx" b. 02/13/1927, d. 06/17/2007
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Sarah Wakefield Gale

F, #24388, b. 08/09/1763, d. 02/02/1801
Father*Samuel Gale b. 10/11/1736
Mother*Deliverance Wakefield Gale b. 01/13/1740, d. 05/30/1824
     Sarah Wakefield Gale married Samuel Gale Ashton. Sarah Wakefield Gale was born on August 9, 1763 at Haverhill, Essex Co., Ma. She died on February 2, 1801 at Haverhill, Essex Co., Ma, at age 37.
     She Called Sally Gale Haddock.


Samuel Gale Ashton b. 11/01/1789
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Edna Louise Foster

F, #24396, b. 12/01/1923, d. 06/07/1995
     Edna Louise Foster was born on December 1, 1923. She married James Foster Haddock, son of Herbert Calvin Haddock. Edna Louise Foster died on June 7, 1995 at Lawrenceburg, Lawrence Co., Tn, at age 71.


James Foster Haddock b. 01/13/1933, d. 09/03/2010
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Samuel Sydney Lindsay

M, #24415, b. 09/24/1878, d. 12/16/1939
     Samuel Sydney Lindsay was born on September 24, 1878 at Gympie, Queensland, Australia. He married Margaret Cicely Haddock, daughter of Richard Richardson Haddock and Emma Roberts, on June 9, 1913 at Gympie, Queensland, Australia. Samuel Sydney Lindsay died on December 16, 1939 at age 61.


Margaret Cicely Haddock b. 12/29/1891, d. __/__/1973
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Dale John Henry Lawton

M, #24424, b. __/__/1953, d. __/__/1986
     Dale John Henry Lawton was born in 1953. He died in 1986.
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William Emmett Kelley Jr

M, #24425, b. 04/24/1916, d. 05/15/1993
     William Emmett Kelley Jr was born on April 24, 1916. He married Hazel Geraldine Haddock, daughter of Clyce Granville Haddock and Ora Jackson "Nannie", on August 22, 1947 at Iuka, Tishomingo Co., Ms. William Emmett Kelley Jr died on May 15, 1993 at Florence, Lauderdale Co., Al, at age 77.


Hazel Geraldine Haddock b. 08/08/1923, d. 10/__/2010
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Robert Watkins

M, #24428, b. __/__/1852, d. __/__/1914
     Robert Watkins was born in 1852. He died in 1914.


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