Seth Russell Godfrey

M, #27032, b. 02/11/1862, d. 02/05/1924
     Seth Russell Godfrey was born on February 11, 1862 at Mercer Co., Il. He married Hattie May Haddock, daughter of David Ebenezer Haddock and Emaline Cyrene Pettis 'Emma', on February 13, 1901 at Tryon, McPherson Co., Ne. Seth Russell Godfrey died on February 5, 1924 at Kearney, Buffalo Co., Ne, at age 61.
     He Had 7 children.


Hattie May Haddock b. 09/24/1874, d. 11/15/1935
Last Edited01/28/2009

Henry Mills

M, #27053, b. 09/23/1720, d. 10/10/1810
Father*John Mills III b. 01/29/1686, d. 11/24/1760
Mother*Name unknown (?) b. c __/__/1688, d. c __/__/1740
     Henry Mills was born on September 23, 1720 at Pa. He married Hannah Thornburgh on January 18, 1740 at Hopewell MM, Frederick Co., Va. Henry Mills died on October 10, 1810 at Center MM, Guilford Co., NC, at age 90.


Hannah Thornburgh b. __/__/1725, d. 03/27/1791
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Lavina Hammonds "Viny"

F, #27054, b. __/__/1813, d. __/__/1882
     Lavina Hammonds "Viny" was born in 1813 at Ky. She married Isaac Mills, son of Nasby Mills and Esther Haddock, on December 20, 1831 at Knox Co., Ky. Lavina Hammonds "Viny" died in 1882 at Knox Co., Ky.


Isaac Mills b. 07/05/1806, d. 08/17/1877
Last Edited07/31/2006

John Thomas Hammonds

M, #27056, b. 08/14/1801, d. 08/14/1855
     John Thomas Hammonds was born on August 14, 1801 at Jefferson Co., Tn. He married Apsley Mills, daughter of Nasby Mills and Esther Haddock, on August 6, 1829 at Knox Co., Ky. John Thomas Hammonds died on August 14, 1855 at Calebs Creek, Knox Co., Ky, at age 54.


Apsley Mills b. 10/__/1810, d. a __/__/1900
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Sarah Taylor "Sally"

F, #27058, b. 05/12/1825, d. __/__/1850
Father*Cornelius Alexander Taylor b. __/__/1794, d. 03/27/1874
Mother*Sarah Ann Walker "Sally" b. __/__/1795, d. __/__/1880
     Sarah Taylor "Sally" was born on May 12, 1825 at Knox Co., Ky. She married Clark Mills, son of Nasby Mills and Esther Haddock, on October 3, 1839 at Knox Co., Ky. Sarah Taylor "Sally" died in 1850.


Clark Mills b. 04/17/1817, d. 08/28/1891
Last Edited08/11/2007

Euphemia Edwards

F, #27061, b. 01/__/1824, d. 05/21/1901
     Euphemia Edwards was born in January, 1824 at Knox Co., Ky. She married James Brice Mills, son of Nasby Mills and Esther Haddock, on December 4, 1840 at Knox Co., Ky. Euphemia Edwards died on May 21, 1901 at Knox Co., Ky, at age 77.


James Brice Mills b. 11/03/1822, d. 10/09/1885
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Ervin Earl Daniels

M, #27064, d. c __/__/1991
     Ervin Earl Daniels married Helen Haddock, daughter of John Henry Haddock and Nettie Wilson. Ervin Earl Daniels died circa 1991.


Helen Haddock b. 08/15/1927, d. 03/19/2013
Last Edited03/21/2013

Carl Rudolph Davis

M, #27066, b. 02/02/1927, d. 04/27/1993
     Carl Rudolph Davis was born on February 2, 1927 at Braggs, Muskogee Co., Ok. He died on April 27, 1993 at Tulsa, Tulsa Co., Ok, at age 66.


Last Edited11/29/2006

Eugene Arthur Bounous "Gene"

M, #27071, b. __/__/1921, d. 06/11/2013
     Eugene Arthur Bounous "Gene" was born in 1921. He married Helane Marie Haddock, daughter of Ernest Salee Haddock and Ethel Violet Bougher, on September 30, 1950 at Monett, Barry Co., Mo. Eugene Arthur Bounous "Gene" died on June 11, 2013 at Monett, Barry Co., Mo.


Helane Marie Haddock b. 09/01/1932, d. 03/24/1998
Last Edited06/13/2013

Mary Grace Dinunzio

F, #27079, b. 06/22/1921, d. 08/29/1989
     Mary Grace Dinunzio was born on June 22, 1921. She married Hubert Leon Haddock, son of Aid Turner Haddock Sr and Anna Evens Braddock, on March 2, 1946. Mary Grace Dinunzio died on August 29, 1989 at Bryn Mawr, Montgomery Co., Pa, at age 68.


Hubert Leon Haddock b. 07/19/1921, d. 03/19/1963
Last Edited04/15/2012

Carl F Keener Jr

M, #27086, d. 07/25/2012
     Carl F Keener Jr died on July 25, 2012.
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Clarence John Mather

M, #27094, b. 01/09/1902
Father*Daniel Alexander Mather b. 03/17/1857
Mother*Mary Edstella Regan b. 10/07/1862
     Clarence John Mather was born on January 9, 1902 at Lincoln Co., Ne.
Last Edited01/25/2007

Wade F Hannah

M, #27096, b. 06/21/1920, d. 02/11/1974
     Wade F Hannah was born on June 21, 1920 at Piatt, Piatt Co., Il. He died on February 11, 1974 at Bay Village, Cuyahoga Co., Oh, at age 53.
Last Edited07/31/2006

Adlie Earl Luttrull

M, #27097, b. 08/06/1907
     Adlie Earl Luttrull died at Christian Co., Ky. He was born on August 6, 1907 at Christian Co., Ky.
Last Edited09/16/2007

Lonnie Carl Drawdy

M, #27098, b. 11/16/1916, d. 09/21/1992
     Lonnie Carl Drawdy was born on November 16, 1916 at Colleton Co., SC. He died on September 21, 1992 at Waterboro, Colleton Co., SC, at age 75.
Last Edited06/14/2008

Jonathan Pickstock

M, #27105, b. __/__/1912, d. __/__/1984
     Jonathan Pickstock was born in 1912. He died in 1984.
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Arthur Young

M, #27106, b. __/__/1915, d. __/__/1986
     Arthur Young was born in 1915. He died in 1986.
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Henry Geiger

M, #27107, b. __/__/1911, d. 04/23/1974
Father*George Harris Geiger b. 12/23/1879, d. 08/20/1961
     Henry Geiger was born in 1911 at Hilliard, Nassau Co., Fl. He married Iva Louise Haddock, daughter of Dean Haddock and Eva Matilda Nelson, on October 21, 1939 at Woodbine, Camden Co., Ga. Henry Geiger died on April 23, 1974.


Iva Louise Haddock b. 06/23/1919, d. 01/27/2007
Last Edited10/12/2008

Herbert Nicholas John Deans

M, #27109, b. __/__/1883, d. __/__/1939
     Herbert Nicholas John Deans was born in 1883. He married Ivy Annie Haddock, daughter of Ernest Alfred Haddock and Agnes Grace Martin, in 1939 at Marrickville, New South Wales, Australia. Herbert Nicholas John Deans died in 1939.


Ivy Annie Haddock b. 03/18/1903, d. 09/07/1959
Last Edited07/31/2006

Mattie Aurelia Ryals

F, #27116, b. 12/29/1898, d. __/__/1988
     Mattie Aurelia Ryals was born on December 29, 1898 at Montague Co., Tx. She married James Armen Haddock "Jack", son of George M Nathan Haddock and Sarah Caroline Brooks "Sally", on April 16, 1923 at Hastings, Jefferson Co., Ok. Mattie Aurelia Ryals died in 1988.


James Armen Haddock "Jack" b. 07/02/1899, d. __/__/1942
Last Edited07/31/2006

Virginia Lea Haddock

F, #27117, b. 09/23/1924, d. 03/04/1958
Father*James Armen Haddock "Jack" b. 07/02/1899, d. __/__/1942
Mother*Mattie Aurelia Ryals b. 12/29/1898, d. __/__/1988
     Virginia Lea Haddock was born on September 23, 1924 at Hastings, Jefferson Co., Ok. She died on March 4, 1958 at Nacoma, Nacogdoches Co., Tx, at age 33.
Last Edited03/10/2007

Jerry L Berry

M, #27139, b. 06/06/1936, d. 02/08/2003
     Jerry L Berry was born on June 6, 1936. He married Jaqueline Haddock "Jackie", daughter of Ullie Watson Haddock and Christine New. Jerry L Berry died on February 8, 2003 at Forest Park, Clayton Co., Ga, at age 66.


Jaqueline Haddock "Jackie" b. 07/04/1936, d. 03/20/2002
Last Edited03/31/2009

Mary Joe Elizabeth Reaves

F, #27140, b. 10/10/1874, d. 03/24/1964
     Mary Joe Elizabeth Reaves was born on October 10, 1874 at Tn. She married Jason Riley Haddock, son of Ira Newton Haddock and Acenith Permelia Golightly, in 1898 at Lauderdale Co., Al. Mary Joe Elizabeth Reaves died on March 24, 1964 at Pharr, Hidalgo Co., Tx, at age 89.


Jason Riley Haddock b. 11/12/1869
Last Edited04/26/2008

Doris E Hogue

F, #27142, b. 10/18/1913, d. 02/22/2005
     Doris E Hogue was born on October 18, 1913. She married Jasper Jackson Haddock "Jack", son of James Ennis Haddock and Martha Ann Hundley "Mattie". Doris E Hogue died on February 22, 2005 at Hopkinsville, Christian Co., Ky, at age 91.


Jasper Jackson Haddock "Jack" b. 07/30/1921, d. 01/31/2003
Last Edited03/05/2012

Sallie Retha Hudson

F, #27143, b. 06/18/1912, d. 04/23/1983
     Sallie Retha Hudson was born on June 18, 1912 at NC. She married Jasper Lee Haddock, son of William Henry Haddock and Louisa Haddock. Sallie Retha Hudson died on April 23, 1983 at Greenville, Pitt Co., NC, at age 70.


Jasper Lee Haddock b. 05/10/1909, d. 10/23/1984
Last Edited02/04/2007

Jimmie Charles Haddock

M, #27144, b. 09/26/1939, d. 10/01/1941
Father*Jasper Lee Haddock b. 05/10/1909, d. 10/23/1984
Mother*Sallie Retha Hudson b. 06/18/1912, d. 04/23/1983
     Jimmie Charles Haddock was born on September 26, 1939 at Pitt Co., NC. He died on October 1, 1941 at Black Jack, Pitt Co., NC, at age 2.
Last Edited03/12/2013

Cecil Edward Daniels

M, #27153, d. __/__/1999
     Cecil Edward Daniels married Jeannette Haddock, daughter of Robert Hunter Haddock and Tiny Clara Robinson. Cecil Edward Daniels and Jeannette Haddock were divorced. Cecil Edward Daniels died in 1999.


Jeannette Haddock b. 08/02/1929, d. 08/15/2010
Last Edited03/10/2009

James Henry Steele

M, #27164, b. 05/23/1882, d. 05/27/1952
     James Henry Steele was born on May 23, 1882 at Ocean View ranch, Los Gatos, Santa Clara Co., Ca. He married Jennie E Haddock, daughter of James William Haddock and Frances Monemia Lucas, on May 15, 1907 at Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., Ca. James Henry Steele died on May 27, 1952 at age 70.


Jennie E Haddock b. 10/22/1885, d. 02/28/1960
Last Edited07/31/2006

Nathan Horn

M, #27174, b. 06/22/1905, d. 07/04/1968
     Nathan Horn was born on June 22, 1905. He married Jessie Estelle Haddock, daughter of Gilbert Royal Haddock "Gilly" and Eula Louise Gillette, on March 17, 1929. Nathan Horn died on July 4, 1968 at Kingsland, Camden Co., Ga, at age 63.


Jessie Estelle Haddock b. 03/04/1902, d. 07/04/1983
Last Edited01/10/2010

Alma Lee Haddock

F, #27191, b. 03/05/1927, d. 06/17/1953
Father*John Lee Haddock b. 10/15/1902, d. 11/09/1938
Mother*Martha Leona Fornes b. __/__/1910, d. 10/29/1929
     Alma Lee Haddock was born on March 5, 1927 at Pitt Co., NC. She married William Coward in 1944 at NC. Alma Lee Haddock died on June 17, 1953 at Beaufort Co., NC, at age 26.


William Coward b. 03/03/1923, d. 04/__/1986
Last Edited02/09/2011