Mary Elizabeth Collier

F, #24753, b. 06/19/1813, d. 05/04/1892
Father*Henry Collier b. __/__/1786, d. __/__/1856
     Mary Elizabeth Collier was born on June 19, 1813 at Greene Co., Ga. She married J Elisha Douglass in 1832. Mary Elizabeth Collier died on May 4, 1892 at Damascus, Early Co., Ga, at age 78.


J Elisha Douglass b. 01/01/1809, d. 07/09/1881
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Lora E Cook

M, #24763, d. 02/16/1995
     Lora E Cook married Ethel Lorena Hadduck, daughter of George Miller Hadduck and Elizabeth Ann Hocking, in June, 1916. Lora E Cook died on February 16, 1995.


Ethel Lorena Hadduck b. 02/16/1896, d. 02/16/1995
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Granderson Martin Cottrill

M, #24764, b. 09/01/1900
     Granderson Martin Cottrill died at Wa. He was born on September 1, 1900. He married Doris Naomi Hadduck, daughter of George Miller Hadduck and Elizabeth Ann Hocking, on September 1, 1924 at St Joseph, Buchanan Co., Mo.


Doris Naomi Hadduck b. 12/31/1899, d. 06/19/1987
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Ida Grace Haddock

F, #24772, b. 09/19/1920, d. 01/03/1969
Father*Frederick Barney Haddock b. 05/26/1893, d. 11/__/1962
Mother*Ruth Rebecca (?) b. 11/08/1900, d. 12/16/1978
     Ida Grace Haddock was born on September 19, 1920 at Jacksonville, Duval Co., Fl. She married Nolan Elliott Turknett on February 1, 1947 at Folkston, Charlton Co., Ga. Ida Grace Haddock died on January 3, 1969 at Jacksonville, Duval Co., Fl, at age 48.


Nolan Elliott Turknett b. 02/01/1947, d. 11/13/1991
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David Lussier

M, #24775, b. __/__/1954, d. 10/19/1992
     David Lussier was born in 1954. He died on October 19, 1992 at Tampa, Hillsborough Co., Fl.
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Christine Wilson "Chris"

F, #24783, b. 12/25/1938, d. 02/06/2006
     Christine Wilson "Chris" was born on December 25, 1938 at Alachua, Alachua Co., Fl. She died on February 6, 2006 at Amelia Island, Nassau Co., Fl, at age 67.
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Jonathan C Tate

M, #24788, b. 10/05/1901, d. 06/__/1974
     Jonathan C Tate married Gretchen Haddock, daughter of Robert Price Haddock and Susan Safara Moser "Sudie", on October 5, 1901 at Cushman, Independence Co., Ar. Jonathan C Tate was born on October 5, 1901. He died in June, 1974 at Batesville, Independence Co., Ar, at age 72.


Gretchen Haddock b. 05/04/1898, d. 09/__/1977
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Delbert Helms

M, #24789, b. 12/04/1896, d. 07/__/1979
     Delbert Helms was born on December 4, 1896. He married Ollie S Haddock, daughter of Robert Price Haddock and Susan Safara Moser "Sudie". Delbert Helms died in July, 1979 at Independence Co., Ar, at age 82.


Ollie S Haddock b. 08/06/1900, d. 04/04/1985
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Magie Ann Adkinson

F, #24790, b. 09/25/1907, d. 05/16/1984
     Magie Ann Adkinson married Granville Crenshaw Haddock, son of Robert Price Haddock and Susan Safara Moser "Sudie". Magie Ann Adkinson was born on September 25, 1907. She died on May 16, 1984 at age 76.
     She Commited suicide.


Granville Crenshaw Haddock b. 04/03/1903, d. 05/12/1965
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Lula Elizabeth Hodgins

F, #24795, b. 08/19/1876, d. 04/08/1953
Father*John Franklin Hodgins b. 02/24/1853
Mother*Louisa Jane Birch b. 10/31/1853
     Lula Elizabeth Hodgins was born on August 19, 1876 at Wingham, Ontario, Canada. She married Charles Benjamin Hadduck, son of Andrew Jackson Hadduck and Harriet Amanda Perriman, on August 19, 1921 at Vancouver, Clark Co., Wa. Lula Elizabeth Hodgins died on April 8, 1953 at Vancouver, Clark Co., Wa, at age 76.


Charles Benjamin Hadduck b. 08/14/1874, d. 02/05/1930
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Ada Frances Price

F, #24796, b. 11/19/1905, d. 01/23/1997
     Ada Frances Price was born on November 19, 1905 at Wa. She married Harold Raymond Hadduck, son of Charles Benjamin Hadduck and Mary Jordan, on November 2, 1924 at Vancouver, Clark Co., Wa. Ada Frances Price died on January 23, 1997 at Vancouver, Clark Co., Wa, at age 91.


Harold Raymond Hadduck b. 09/25/1904, d. 11/18/1987
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William C Henson

M, #24800, b. 10/11/1870, d. 06/08/1944
     William C Henson married Lusetta Ann Pilkinton at Labanon, Laclede Co., Mo. William C Henson was born on October 11, 1870 at Labanon, Laclede Co., Mo. He died on June 8, 1944 at Cushman, Independence Co., Ar, at age 73.


Lusetta Ann Pilkinton b. 10/20/1871, d. 02/22/1954
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Jessie Burnette Banks

M, #24816, b. 09/06/1925, d. __/__/1978
     Jessie Burnette Banks was born on September 6, 1925 at Hartford, Cocke Co., Tn. He married Delora Jane Haddock, daughter of Lewis Andrew Haddock and Daisy Fox, on June 25, 1945 at Hartford, Cocke Co., Tn. Jessie Burnette Banks and Delora Jane Haddock were divorced. Jessie Burnette Banks died in 1978 at Il.


Delora Jane Haddock b. 07/22/1927, d. 02/25/2012
Last Edited11/23/2007

William Benjamin Cole

M, #24817, b. 05/06/1831, d. 02/11/1879
     William Benjamin Cole was born on May 6, 1831 at Ky. He married Amanda Lavina Sweet on April 27, 1853 at Menard Co., Il. William Benjamin Cole died on February 11, 1879 at Dallas Co., Tx, at age 47.
     He Private Confederate Army.


Amanda Lavina Sweet b. 08/14/1832, d. 01/01/1899
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Amanda Lavina Sweet

F, #24818, b. 08/14/1832, d. 01/01/1899
     Amanda Lavina Sweet was born on August 14, 1832 at Sangamon Co., Il. She married William Benjamin Cole on April 27, 1853 at Menard Co., Il. Amanda Lavina Sweet died on January 1, 1899 at Kleberg, Dallas Co., Tx, at age 66.
     She 8th generation Mayflower decendant.


William Benjamin Cole b. 05/06/1831, d. 02/11/1879
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J Benjamin Stevens

M, #24819, b. 02/11/1883, d. 11/22/1918
     J Benjamin Stevens was born on February 11, 1883. He married Matilda Lois Haddock "Mittie", daughter of Marcus Lafayette Haddock and Louesa May Cole, on September 10, 1905 at Henrietta, Clay Co., Tx. J Benjamin Stevens died on November 22, 1918 at age 35.
     He Child adopted.


Matilda Lois Haddock "Mittie" b. 08/30/1881, d. 10/26/1946
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Benjamin G Lewis

M, #24820, b. 02/19/1872, d. __/__/1953
     Benjamin G Lewis was born on February 19, 1872. He married Lucy Amanda Haddock, daughter of Marcus Lafayette Haddock and Louesa May Cole, on November 11, 1903 at Henrietta, Clay Co., Tx. Benjamin G Lewis died in 1953 at Dallas, Dallas Co., Tx.


Lucy Amanda Haddock b. 07/07/1883, d. 06/21/1931
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John E Scott

M, #24821, b. 09/05/1878, d. 03/02/1972
     John E Scott was born on September 5, 1878 at Bedford, Tarrant Co., Tx. He married Emma Florence Haddock, daughter of Marcus Lafayette Haddock and Louesa May Cole, on January 12, 1909 at Henrietta, Clay Co., Tx. John E Scott died on March 2, 1972 at Wheeler, Wheeler Co., Tx, at age 93.


Emma Florence Haddock b. 02/06/1885, d. 04/17/1971
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Charles Edward McEwen

M, #24822, b. 01/16/1891, d. 04/11/1971
Father*William Powell McEwen b. 04/08/1860, d. 04/04/1934
Mother*Martha Georgina Adams b. 11/20/1862, d. 08/01/1935
     Charles Edward McEwen was born on January 16, 1891 at Coosa Co., Al. He married Rose Eva Haddock, daughter of Marcus Lafayette Haddock and Louesa May Cole, on October 6, 1912 at Frederick, Tillman Co., Ok. Charles Edward McEwen died on April 11, 1971 at Ca at age 80.


Rose Eva Haddock b. 12/24/1893, d. 07/19/1984
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Oscar Shaffee

M, #24827
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George Bryant Hardee

M, #24836, b. 04/17/1841, d. 08/16/1903
Father*James A Hardee b. __/__/1814, d. __/__/1881
Mother*Sophie Cox b. 09/08/1824, d. 12/31/1880
     George Bryant Hardee was born on April 17, 1841 at Pitt Co., NC. He married Nancy C William on May 20, 1871 at Pitt Co., NC. George Bryant Hardee died on August 16, 1903 at Pitt Co., NC, at age 62.


Nancy C William b. 05/10/1846, d. 06/04/1928
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Nancy C William

F, #24837, b. 05/10/1846, d. 06/04/1928
     Nancy C William was born on May 10, 1846 at Pitt Co., NC. She married George Bryant Hardee, son of James A Hardee and Sophie Cox, on May 20, 1871 at Pitt Co., NC. Nancy C William died on June 4, 1928 at Pitt Co., NC, at age 82.


George Bryant Hardee b. 04/17/1841, d. 08/16/1903
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Reiny Ange Smith "Marinah

F, #24841, b. c __/__/1830, d. __/__/1885
     Reiny Ange Smith "Marinah was born circa 1830. She died in 1885.


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Effie Gaskins

F, #24842, b. 10/28/1901, d. 10/19/1975
     Effie Gaskins married Charlie Jones, son of Asa Jones and Susan Annie Haddock. Effie Gaskins was born on October 28, 1901. She died on October 19, 1975 at Craven Co., NC, at age 73.


Charlie Jones b. 04/01/1897, d. 03/__/1982
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Maggie Buck

F, #24843, b. 03/__/1894
Father*John Richard Buck b. 01/12/1860, d. 04/05/1938
Mother*Mary Laura Venters "Puss" b. 09/17/1869, d. 02/21/1952
     Maggie Buck was born in March, 1894 at Pitt Co., NC.
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James Edward Halstead

M, #24845, b. 07/__/1884, d. 08/__/1967
     James Edward Halstead married Maggie Wyona Jones, daughter of Asa Jones and Susan Annie Haddock. James Edward Halstead was born in July, 1884. He married Saddie McCoy on December 28, 1910. James Edward Halstead died in August, 1967 at age 83.

Family 1

Saddie McCoy b. __/__/1895, d. 04/15/1917

Family 2

Maggie Wyona Jones b. 05/__/1894
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Goldian May Haddock

F, #24855
Father*Edward Filmore Haddock b. 09/17/1877, d. 12/12/1953
     Goldian May Haddock was born. She died; Died an infant.
Last Edited02/20/2008

Raymond Walter Eason

M, #24858, b. 01/10/1895, d. 07/31/1956
     Raymond Walter Eason was born on January 10, 1895. He married Susie Annie Elizabeth Haddock, daughter of Charles Haul Haddock and Annie Elizabeth Jones, on January 10, 1935 at Wayne Co., NC. Raymond Walter Eason died on July 31, 1956 at age 61.


Susie Annie Elizabeth Haddock b. __/__/1903
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William James Jordon

M, #24859, b. 04/18/1907, d. 06/30/1978
     William James Jordon was born on April 18, 1907. He married Mary Maglean Haddock, daughter of Charles Haul Haddock and Annie Elizabeth Jones. William James Jordon died on June 30, 1978 at age 71.


Mary Maglean Haddock b. __/__/1915, d. 12/30/2002
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William Alonza Hawkins "Lon"

M, #24879, b. 03/28/1884, d. 09/21/1959
Father*William Major Hawkins b. 11/09/1850, d. 05/14/1903
Mother*Louvenia Stanley b. 07/04/1859, d. 01/08/1946
     William Alonza Hawkins "Lon" was born on March 28, 1884. He married Minnie Mellisie Haddock, daughter of William Haul Haddock Jr and Elizabeth L Spain "Telitha", at Pitt Co., NC. William Alonza Hawkins "Lon" died on September 21, 1959 at Trenton, Jones Co., NC, at age 75.


Minnie Mellisie Haddock b. 03/04/1893, d. 05/25/1977
Last Edited04/13/2008