Esther Bullimore

F, #42456, b. 04/22/1832, d. __/__/1920
Father*John Bullimore b. __/__/1803, d. __/__/1887
Mother*Mary Bains b. __/__/1805, d. __/__/1868
     Esther Bullimore was born on April 22, 1832 at Kings Cliffe, Northamptonshire, England. She married Joseph Haddock, son of Thomas Haddock and Jane Grasby, in 1865 at Stamford, Lincolnshire, England. Esther Bullimore died in 1920.


Joseph Haddock b. 09/06/1834, d. __/__/1921
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Emaline Upson

F, #42460, d. 09/06/1913
     Emaline Upson married Joseph Ellicott Haddock, son of John Haddock and Sarah Kimball "Sally", on January 4, 1853 at Coldwater, Branch Co., Mi. Emaline Upson died on September 6, 1913 at Michigan City, La Porte Co., In.


Joseph Ellicott Haddock b. 07/19/1816, d. 10/28/1883
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Mary (?)

F, #42461, d. __/__/1852
     Mary (?) died in 1852.
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Hannah Lucretia Maud Andrews

F, #42466, b. 12/__/1868
     Hannah Lucretia Maud Andrews was born in December, 1868 at Canada. She married Judson Truesdell Haddock "Judd", son of Jacob Haddock and Mary Ann Watson, in 1887.


Judson Truesdell Haddock "Judd" b. 05/14/1861, d. 07/31/1926
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Carrie (?)

F, #42467, b. __/__/1858
     Carrie (?) was born in 1858 at Canada. She married Judson Truesdell Haddock "Judd", son of Jacob Haddock and Mary Ann Watson, circa 1920.

Family 1


Family 2

Judson Truesdell Haddock "Judd" b. 05/14/1861, d. 07/31/1926
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Claudette Durrence

F, #42477, d. 04/26/2012
     Claudette Durrence was born at Tattnaill Co., Ga. She died on April 26, 2012 at Jacksonville, Duval Co., Fl.
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Walter Pickett

M, #42478
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Walter Clark

M, #42479
     Walter Clark died.
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Emma Haddock

F, #42487, b. __/__/1932, d. __/__/1932
Father*Heber Latham Haddock b. 01/01/1888, d. 01/27/1945
Mother*Mary Ethel Mills b. 09/27/1903, d. 09/09/1975
     Emma Haddock died in 1932. She was born in 1932.
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Everett H Hill

M, #42499, b. 03/31/1935, d. 06/28/2006
     Everett H Hill was born on March 31, 1935 at Floydada, Floyd Co., Tx. He married Loretta Marie Haddock, daughter of John William Haddock and Lou Tee Francis McDermett. Everett H Hill died on June 28, 2006 at Lubbock Co., Tx, at age 71.


Loretta Marie Haddock b. 07/11/1938
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John P Clark

M, #42503
     John P Clark died.
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Malcolm Andrew Vars

M, #42515, b. 11/28/1916, d. 06/10/1973
     Malcolm Andrew Vars was born on November 28, 1916. He died on June 10, 1973 at age 56.
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Karrie Ann Landaster

F, #42520, b. 08/11/1918, d. 07/14/2001
     Karrie Ann Landaster was born on August 11, 1918 at Pitt Co., NC. She married Mark Earl Haddock, son of Saul Lane Haddock "Saulie" and C Ida Holloway. Karrie Ann Landaster died on July 14, 2001 at Pitt Co., NC, at age 82.


Mark Earl Haddock b. 01/06/1916, d. 02/02/1976
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Bester James Berry

M, #42522, b. 03/13/1900, d. 08/09/1966
     Bester James Berry married Martha M Haddock, daughter of George Washington Haddock and Emma M Griffin. Bester James Berry was born on March 13, 1900 at Oktibbeha Co., Ms. He died on August 9, 1966 at Hunt, Kerr Co., Tx, at age 66.


Martha M Haddock b. 02/__/1896, d. 02/__/1958
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Carey Lester Westberry

M, #42528, b. 11/04/1890, d. 02/__/1968
Father*John Josiah Westberry b. __/__/1848, d. 06/30/1932
Mother*Mary Ann McCoy b. __/__/1861, d. __/__/1948
     Carey Lester Westberry was born on November 4, 1890 at Ga. He married Marthey Jane Haddock "Mattie", daughter of Daniel Monroe Haddock and Sally Edenfield "Sara", on November 27, 1910 at Wayne Co., Ga. Carey Lester Westberry died in February, 1968 at Ga at age 77.


Marthey Jane Haddock "Mattie" b. 11/03/1894, d. 01/18/1995
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William Swenarton 1st

M, #42532, b. 03/__/1773, d. 05/__/1773
Father*John Swenarton b. __/__/1748, d. __/__/1838
Mother*Mary Haddock b. __/__/1753, d. 11/04/1823
     William Swenarton 1st was born in March, 1773. He died in May, 1773.
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William Swenarton 3rd

M, #42533, b. 07/__/1778
Father*John Swenarton b. __/__/1748, d. __/__/1838
Mother*Mary Haddock b. __/__/1753, d. 11/04/1823
     William Swenarton 3rd was born in July, 1778.
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Herman Daniel

M, #42535, b. 08/03/1903, d. 11/25/1973
     Herman Daniel married Mary Marie Haddock, daughter of George Washington Haddock and Emma M Griffin. Herman Daniel was born on August 3, 1903. He died on November 25, 1973 at Johnson Co., Tx, at age 70.


Mary Marie Haddock b. 12/15/1892, d. c __/__/1978
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Truitt Wallace

M, #42559, b. __/__/1924, d. __/__/1981
     Truitt Wallace was born in 1924. He died in 1981.
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Lewis Shepherd

M, #42577, b. __/__/1825
Father*Thomas Shepherd b. c __/__/1802, d. 03/__/1880
     Lewis Shepherd was born in 1825. He married Nancy E Haddock "Nance", daughter of James E Haddock and Acenah Paulk.


Nancy E Haddock "Nance" b. 04/27/1827, d. 03/12/1907
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John Randolph Olive

M, #42578, b. 03/17/1844, d. 07/28/1925
Father*W B Olive b. 08/31/1822, d. 05/08/1900
Mother*Jane (?) b. 02/18/1827, d. 06/09/1899
     John Randolph Olive was born on March 17, 1844 at Pruitton, Lauderdale Co., Al. He married Nancy E Haddock "Nance", daughter of James E Haddock and Acenah Paulk, on December 12, 1867. John Randolph Olive died on July 28, 1925 at Al at age 81.
     He Said to have killed a wife and a son.

Family 1


Family 2

Nancy E Haddock "Nance" b. 04/27/1827, d. 03/12/1907

Family 3

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Edgar Monroe Womble

M, #42608, b. 11/10/1898, d. 06/13/1979
Father*James Columbus Womble "Lummy" b. 11/25/1868, d. 08/03/1950
Mother*Derinda Haddock b. 04/14/1877, d. 11/19/1958
     Edgar Monroe Womble was born on November 10, 1898 at Al. He married Dorothy Rebecca Jane Yoast on November 8, 1925. Edgar Monroe Womble died on June 13, 1979 at Owosso, Shiawassee Co., Mi, at age 80.


Dorothy Rebecca Jane Yoast b. 01/22/1908, d. 03/17/1981
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Francis Haddock "Boots"

F, #42620, b. 11/19/1912, d. 03/12/2005
Father*Raleigh May Haddock b. 05/01/1885, d. 02/14/1970
     Francis Haddock "Boots" was born on November 19, 1912 at Marshall, Harrison Co., Tx. She died on March 12, 2005 at Marshall, Harrison Co., Tx, at age 92.
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Norma Ambler

F, #42631, b. 01/17/1901, d. 01/10/1958
     Norma Ambler and Robert Edger Haddock were divorced. Norma Ambler married Robert Edger Haddock, son of Charles Albert Haddock and Harriet Bridgman "Hattie". Norma Ambler was born on January 17, 1901 at Ks. She died on January 10, 1958 at Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., Ca, at age 56.


Robert Edger Haddock b. 12/30/1890, d. 12/__/1979
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Frank Joseph Tripp

M, #42640, b. 10/01/1897, d. 03/__/1983
     Frank Joseph Tripp was born on October 1, 1897 at Tn. He married Rosa Lee Haddock, daughter of Enoch Filmore Haddock "Caleb", on October 17, 1921 at Wayne Co., Tn. Frank Joseph Tripp died in March, 1983 at Nashville, Davidson Co., Tn, at age 85.


Rosa Lee Haddock b. 08/29/1903, d. 09/__/1983
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Grady Bowers

M, #42659, b. 07/04/1921, d. __/__/1980
     Grady Bowers was born on July 4, 1921. He died in 1980 at Shawnee, Pottawatomie Co., Ok.
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Bobbie Marie Mayfield

F, #42662, b. 02/14/1922, d. 06/03/2012
Father*Tolbert Fannin Mayfield b. __/__/1878, d. __/__/1949
Mother*Jessie Elaina Moore b. __/__/1884, d. __/__/1966
     Bobbie Marie Mayfield was born on February 14, 1922 at Mooreville, Falls Co., Tx. She married Thurman Cleo Haddock, son of James Alva Haddock and Jesse Alene Preston, on March 4, 1943 at Waco, McLennan Co., Tx. Bobbie Marie Mayfield died on June 3, 2012 at Round Rock, Tx, at age 90.


Thurman Cleo Haddock b. 01/25/1922, d. 03/13/2007
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Marcus Maxwell Moore

M, #42668, b. __/__/1875, d. __/__/1921
     Marcus Maxwell Moore married Tommie Ann Haddock, daughter of Calvin C Haddock and Virginia Elizabeth Nesbitt 'Bunch'. Marcus Maxwell Moore was born in 1875. He died in 1921.


Tommie Ann Haddock b. 12/12/1882, d. 05/03/1986
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Morris Nesbit Moore

M, #42670, b. 04/26/1909, d. 07/15/1987
Father*Marcus Maxwell Moore b. __/__/1875, d. __/__/1921
Mother*Tommie Ann Haddock b. 12/12/1882, d. 05/03/1986
     Morris Nesbit Moore married Jimmy Lynn Formby. Morris Nesbit Moore was born on April 26, 1909. He died on July 15, 1987 at Sulphur Springs, Hopkins Co., Tx, at age 78.


Jimmy Lynn Formby b. 10/13/1919, d. 09/18/1997
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(?) Pace

M, #42679
     (?) Pace died; Died an infant.
     He Died in childbirth.
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