John G Bunn

M, #64304, b. __/__/1821
Father*George Bunn b. __/__/1790, d. __/__/1846
Mother*Margaret Graham d. __/__/1850
     John G Bunn was born in 1821.
Last Edited08/12/2009

James M Haddock

M, #64308
Father*Gerald William Haddock "Jerry" b. 12/03/1956, d. 03/11/2007
     James M Haddock was born.
Last Edited02/27/2009

Thelma Mitchum

F, #64313, b. 02/02/1936, d. 10/04/2010
     Thelma Mitchum was born on February 2, 1936 at Williamsburg, Ga. She married Ernest Henry Haddock Jr, son of Ernest Henry Haddock and Lula Ashmore. Thelma Mitchum died on October 4, 2010 at Kingstree, Williamsburg Co., SC, at age 74.


Ernest Henry Haddock Jr b. 06/24/1936, d. 10/25/2008
Last Edited10/07/2010

William Walton Hyatt

M, #64324
     William Walton Hyatt married Mary Angelinn Waldrop "Angie". William Walton Hyatt died.


Mary Angelinn Waldrop "Angie" b. 03/08/1933, d. 05/29/2008
Last Edited02/26/2009

Alice Hazel Finch

F, #64333, b. __/__/1924, d. 10/02/2007
     Alice Hazel Finch was born in 1924. She married Cecil Edward Haddock, son of Jack Easter Haddock and Annie Bell Curlee. Alice Hazel Finch died on October 2, 2007 at Marianna, Jackson Co., Fl.


Cecil Edward Haddock b. 09/19/1920, d. 05/08/1995
Last Edited02/26/2009

Priscilla Hoopes

F, #64337, b. __/__/1938, d. 05/01/2013
     Priscilla Hoopes was born in 1938. She died on May 1, 2013 at Ocala, Fl.
Last Edited05/08/2013

Eleanor E Lawson

F, #64345, b. 12/16/1924, d. 06/24/2007
     Eleanor E Lawson was born on December 16, 1924. She married Howard Milton Haddock, son of Nelson Howard Haddock and Thelma A Meyers. Eleanor E Lawson died on June 24, 2007 at age 82.


Howard Milton Haddock b. 08/05/1922, d. 03/01/1991
Last Edited02/27/2009

Patricia Hymas

F, #64363, b. 11/17/1956, d. 02/23/2007
     Patricia Hymas was born on November 17, 1956 at Montpelier, Bear Lake Co., Id. She married Brian Marshiain. Patricia Hymas married Wayne Darwin Haddock, son of Darwin Edward Haddock and Edith Parker, on April 18, 1992. Patricia Hymas died on February 23, 2007 at Paris, Bear Lake Co., Id, at age 50.

Family 1

Brian Marshiain

Family 2

Wayne Darwin Haddock b. 04/29/1926, d. 05/20/2006
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Brian Marshiain

M, #64365
     Brian Marshiain married Patricia Hymas. Brian Marshiain died.


Patricia Hymas b. 11/17/1956, d. 02/23/2007
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Mary Kristine Kimmons "Kris"

F, #64370, b. 07/16/1944, d. 02/05/2006
     Mary Kristine Kimmons "Kris" was born on July 16, 1944 at Chickisaw, Mobile Co., Al. She died on February 5, 2006 at Vernon, Washington Co., Fl, at age 61.
Last Edited07/16/2012

Ida Virginia Gover Bourassa

F, #64392, b. 10/01/1910, d. 11/19/2006
     Ida Virginia Gover Bourassa was born on October 1, 1910 at Pawtucket, New London Co., Cn. She married George F Haddock, son of Eva A (?). Ida Virginia Gover Bourassa died on November 19, 2006 at Camarillo, Ventura Co., Ca, at age 96.


George F Haddock b. 09/26/1911, d. 11/06/1944
Last Edited03/01/2009

Mary Margaret Tully

F, #64406, b. 05/26/1910, d. 06/13/2005
     Mary Margaret Tully was born on May 26, 1910. She married Albert Haddock Jr "Morris", son of Albert A Haddock and Sarah McMurtry 'Sadie', in 1950. Mary Margaret Tully died on June 13, 2005 at Ft Pierce, St Lucie Co., Fl, at age 95.


Albert Haddock Jr "Morris" b. 02/09/1914, d. 07/23/2001
Last Edited04/10/2010

Berna Dean Gooch

F, #64417, b. 10/08/1921, d. 06/25/1966
     Berna Dean Gooch was born on October 8, 1921 at Bradley Co., Tn. She married Edward Franklyn Simpson on February 23, 1952 at Rossville, Walker Co., Ga. Berna Dean Gooch died on June 25, 1966 at Catoosa Co., Ga, at age 44.

Family 1

Edward Franklyn Simpson b. 10/08/1921, d. 06/25/1966

Family 2

Cecil Lee Haddock b. 03/03/1926, d. 01/__/1991
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Edward Franklyn Simpson

M, #64418, b. 10/08/1921, d. 06/25/1966
     Edward Franklyn Simpson was born on October 8, 1921 at Catoosa Co., Ga. He married Berna Dean Gooch on February 23, 1952 at Rossville, Walker Co., Ga. Edward Franklyn Simpson died on June 25, 1966 at Catoosa Co., Ga, at age 44.


Berna Dean Gooch b. 10/08/1921, d. 06/25/1966
Last Edited03/03/2009

Jefro Starbuck

M, #64443, b. 05/15/1785, d. 12/19/1815
Father*Hezekiah Starbuck b. 04/10/1749, d. 06/10/1830
Mother*Mary Coffin Thurston b. 09/17/1752
     Jefro Starbuck was born on May 15, 1785 at Guilford Co., NC. He married Rebecca Mills, daughter of Reuben Mills, on May 23, 1806 at New Garden MM, Guilford Co., NC. Jefro Starbuck died on December 19, 1815 at Oh at age 30.


Rebecca Mills b. 10/22/1781
Last Edited03/04/2009

Hezekiah Starbuck

M, #64444, b. 04/10/1749, d. 06/10/1830
     Hezekiah Starbuck was born on April 10, 1749 at Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Ma. He married Mary Coffin Thurston on November 18, 1771 at Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Ma. Hezekiah Starbuck died on June 10, 1830 at Dover, Clinton Co., Oh, at age 81.


Mary Coffin Thurston b. 09/17/1752
Last Edited03/04/2009

Mary Coffin Thurston

F, #64445, b. 09/17/1752
     Mary Coffin Thurston was born on September 17, 1752. She married Hezekiah Starbuck on November 18, 1771 at Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Ma.


Hezekiah Starbuck b. 04/10/1749, d. 06/10/1830
Last Edited03/04/2009

Clarissa Starbuck

F, #64446, b. 01/28/1780
Father*Hezekiah Starbuck b. 04/10/1749, d. 06/10/1830
Mother*Mary Coffin Thurston b. 09/17/1752
     Clarissa Starbuck was born on January 28, 1780 at Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Ma.
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Carol Ann Ayers

F, #64453, b. 05/15/1955, d. 02/02/2013
     Carol Ann Ayers was born on May 15, 1955. She died on February 2, 2013 at age 57.


Last Edited02/07/2013

Jesse Scott Haddock

M, #64454, b. 02/08/1978, d. 02/15/2013
Mother*Carol Ann Ayers b. 05/15/1955, d. 02/02/2013
     Jesse Scott Haddock was born on February 8, 1978 at Honolula, Honolulu, Hi. He died on February 15, 2013 at Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., Tn, at age 35.
Last Edited02/18/2013

Blanche B (?)

F, #64495, b. __/__/1913, d. 12/29/2002
     Blanche B (?) was born in 1913. She died on December 29, 2002 at Kansas City, Independance Co., Mo.
Last Edited03/07/2009

Robert L Fleming

M, #64498
     Robert L Fleming married Marjorie Lucille Kennaird. Robert L Fleming died.


Marjorie Lucille Kennaird b. __/__/1923, d. 10/17/1999
Last Edited03/08/2009

LaVerne E Webber

F, #64499, b. 12/19/1919, d. 01/22/2000
     LaVerne E Webber was born on December 19, 1919 at Little Rock, Pulaski Co., Ar. She married Charles Robert Haddock, son of George L Haddock and Jewell Hulsey, on August 22, 1942 at Stillwater, Payne Co., Ok. LaVerne E Webber died on January 22, 2000 at Liberal, Seward Co., Ks, at age 80.


Charles Robert Haddock b. 11/21/1921, d. 02/28/1991
Last Edited01/28/2013

Charles Lee Haddock

M, #64500, b. 03/28/1943, d. 01/26/2011
Father*Charles Robert Haddock b. 11/21/1921, d. 02/28/1991
Mother*LaVerne E Webber b. 12/19/1919, d. 01/22/2000
     Charles Lee Haddock was born on March 28, 1943 at Canton, Blaine Co., Ok. He died on January 26, 2011 at Lolita, Jackson Co., Tx, at age 67.
Last Edited01/29/2011

Annie Maude Posey

F, #64512, b. 04/15/1930, d. 12/19/2008
Father*Willie Posey b. c __/__/1883
Mother*Maude (?) b. c __/__/1896
     Annie Maude Posey was born on April 15, 1930. She married Jack Haddock Posey, son of Noah Arthur Posey Jr and Anna Leola Haddock, on November 16, 1947. Annie Maude Posey died on December 19, 2008 at Crawfordsville, Wakulla Co., Fl, at age 78.


Jack Haddock Posey b. 05/19/1925, d. 09/25/1996
Last Edited05/20/2013

William Albert Haddock Jr

M, #64515, b. 08/27/1927, d. 01/26/1997
Father*William Albert Haddock b. 02/24/1902, d. 06/19/1977
Mother*Helen Margaret Miller b. 08/07/1904, d. 06/25/1984
     William Albert Haddock Jr was born on August 27, 1927 at Wilmington, New Castle Co., De. He married Joan Smith in 1947. William Albert Haddock Jr married Pauline Frebert Marker, daughter of Charles C Marker and Marian R Shackell, in 1978. William Albert Haddock Jr died on January 26, 1997 at Easton, Bristol Co., Ma, at age 69.

Family 1

Joan Smith b. __/__/1930, d. 09/06/2013
Last Edited09/17/2013

Pauline Frebert Marker

F, #64516
Father*Charles C Marker d. __/__/2003
Mother*Marian R Shackell b. 06/08/1913, d. 07/07/2011
     Pauline Frebert Marker married William Albert Haddock Jr, son of William Albert Haddock and Helen Margaret Miller, in 1978. Pauline Frebert Marker died.


William Albert Haddock Jr b. 08/27/1927, d. 01/26/1997
Last Edited09/17/2013

Georgia Graham Ogletree

F, #64526, b. 02/11/1935, d. 03/20/2011
     Georgia Graham Ogletree was born on February 11, 1935. She married Jack Elmer Haddock, son of James W Haddock and Winnie Arsula Cribb. Georgia Graham Ogletree died on March 20, 2011 at age 76.


Jack Elmer Haddock b. __/__/1920, d. 08/29/1988
Last Edited03/24/2011

Alice May

F, #64527, b. __/__/1911, d. 06/09/2002
Father*Robert Lee May b. 03/13/1882
     Alice May was born in 1911 at Washington, DC. She married David Stanford Haddock, son of Alva W Haddock and Ada Infinger, in 1950. Alice May died on June 9, 2002 at Alexandria, (Indep. City), Va.


David Stanford Haddock b. __/__/1905, d. 11/06/1988
Last Edited03/11/2009

Adell Taylor

F, #64532, b. 07/19/1920, d. 12/11/2000
     Adell Taylor married Joseph Darling Haddock, son of Darling Haddock and Nancy Smith. Adell Taylor was born on July 19, 1920. She died on December 11, 2000 at age 80.


Joseph Darling Haddock b. __/__/1921
Last Edited12/17/2012